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The District #147 student records policy (summarized below) separates permanent records from temporary records.
Permanent records include official administrative records that constitute the minimum personal data necessary for operation of the educational system.
Specifically, we take this to mean identifying data including (1) names and address of parents or guardian; (2) student and parents birthdates; (3) academic work completed, including grades, class rank, graduation date, grade level achieved; (4) release of permanent record information to any other school
system or agency; (5) honors and awards received; (6) information concerning offices held or participation in school sponsored activities or athletics; and (7) attendance data. These records should be maintained on the permanent record card.
Temporary records include verified information of clear importance, but not absolutely necessary to the school, over a period of time, in helping the child or protecting others.
Specifically, student temporary records may include: (1) Family background information; (2) intelligence test scores, (3) aptitude test scores; (4) reports of psychological evaluations; (5) elementary achievement level results; (6) extracurricular activity; (7) teacher anecdotal records; (8) disciplinary
information; (9) special education files; (10) other verified reports pertinent to the education of the students; (11) record of release of temporary records.
Reports of psychological evaluations may include information on intelligence, personality and academic information obtained through test administration, observation or interviews.
Special Education files include the report of the Multi-disciplinary staffing on which placement or non-placement was based, and all records and tape recordings relating to special education placement hearing and appeals.
The files also include verified reports or information from non-educational persons, agencies or organizations.
According to Board Policy and the Illinois Student Records Act, parents or guardians have the right to examine and review, with appropriate school personnel, all official records pertinent to their children. Arrangements to inspect the student records should be made by the parent with the principal. The principal will designate a time and place for the records conference and school personnel who will participate. Parents and students have a right to request copies of information (at a cost of $ .35 per page) which is contained in the permanent and temporary records.
Parents have the right to challenge contents of their child’s records to ensure that they are accurate and do not violate the child’s rights. If questions are not resolved in conference with the principal or his/her designee, the parent will be granted a hearing with the Interim Superintendents, and then with the
Board of Education, if this is deemed necessary.
The West Harvey/Dixmoor Public Schools system will maintain student permanent records and the information contained therein for sixty (60) years after the student has transferred, graduated or otherwise permanently withdrawn from the system.

Temporary records or the information contained therein will not be kept beyond its period of usefulness to the student and the school, and in no case longer than five (5) years after the student has transferred, graduated or permanently withdrawn from the system.
The principal of each school will designate the school secretary or another competent individual to remove and destroy temporary records only according to the following fifth year schedule:
LAST NAME        A-E              F-J                   K-O                P-T       U-Z

The parents or guardians of all students who graduate, transfer, or permanently withdraw from the school system will be sent or given notice of the student records destruction schedule. In addition, parents or guardians of Special Education students will be informed of the possible future usefulness of psychological evaluations and other Special Education files.

The Board of Education may, at its discretion, provide information for educational research upon approval of the State Superintendent of Education, providing no identifying information is released. No other persons outside the school will be granted access to any records unless by court order or in the case of an emergency or safety of the student.

Parents may prohibit release of such information classified as “Directory Information” which includes name, address, gender, birthdate, parents’ names and addresses, academic awards and honors, and attendance records by stating so in writing.

No person may condition the granting or withholding of any right, privilege or benefits or make as a condition of employment, credit or insurance the securing by an individual of any information from a student’s temporary record which such individual may obtain through the exercise of any right
secured under the Student Records Act of this policy.

The school system shall continue to promote good human relations by removing all vestiges of prejudice and discrimination in employment, assignment and promotion of personnel, in location and use of facilities, in curriculum development and in the availability of programs for children. To ignore these concerns is morally wrong, economically wasteful, and socially dangerous. 
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