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B12 Points

  1. Ensure every child is on track for college and/or career readiness
  2. Eliminate the opportunity gap and increase student achievement
  3. Ensure rigorous curriculum for all students through Common Core State Standards
  4. Implement Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Learning Styles, and Differentiation of Instruction
  5. Meet the needs of students through Response to Intervention (RtI)
  6. Establish one-to-one technology devices
  7. Establish Inclusive Instructional Practices
  8. Build the capacity of staff and administration to support the needs of our students
  9. Align fiscal resources to the needs of students and the District
  10. Ensure sound fiscal management of all District funds
  11. Increase Parent and Community Involvement
  12. Ensure efficient and effective maintenance and management of buildings

"The B12 for College and Career Readiness"

Superintendent's Office

Dr. Bethel E. Cager, SuperintendentDr. Bethel E. Cager, SuperintendentDear West Harvey-Dixmoor Community:

I am honored to introduce myself to you as your newly selected Superintendent of Schools. The experiences I have accumulated throughout my career have unquestionably prepared me to work with the learning community of West Harvey-Dixmoor School District 147. I have always worked to improve teaching and learning, and I hold Superintendent certification in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Louisiana. My experiences include, but are not limited to, supporting the academic process for students through skilled strategic planning with principals, teachers, parents, and community members, creating and implementing district-wide initiatives, and providing professional development for classroom teachers, principals, and central-office administrators.

I have twenty-six (26) years of experience, ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to the University level. Eighteen (18) of those years are in positions of leadership and management, with eight (8) years at the cabinet level in central office administration. My service to diverse school communities has instilled the level of understanding and sense of urgency that are required to successfully serve as your Superintendent. I have had the privilege of working as a classroom teacher, coordinator of instruction, assistant principal, principal, and central office senior-level administrator (Executive Director/Associate Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent) and come to you with a track record of success for increasing academic performance and closing the achievement and opportunity gaps for students.

In every position that I have held, I have demonstrated this particular conviction, "If it is not good enough for my child, then, it is not good enough for anyone else's child." I apply this standard to everything within a school district including, but not limited to, the quality of instruction, the atmosphere of learning environments, the preparedness of the instructional staff, the cleanliness of the buildings and restrooms, the quality of customer service, and even the quality of the lunches served. This is the expectation that I communicate and demonstrate through all of my actions.

Utilizing the B12 Points as a guide, together, we will...

  • BOOST student achievement;
  • ENERGIZE an academic structure that focuses on college and career readiness, and
  • ELIMINATE the opportunity gap.

With much anticipation, I look forward to meeting and working with you as we set a path of success for the West Harvey-Dixmoor School District 147.

Yours in education,

Bethel E. Cager, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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