District Report Card

The Illinois Report Card (IRC) website is the state’s official source for information about Illinois public schools. Each report card provides information about a school's academic performance, teaching and learning environment, student demographic, staff, and other unique school characteristics. For District 147 school report cards, see the links at right. For more information, visit the Illinois State Board of Education's IRC website

Equity Journey Continuum

The Equity Journey Continuum is an informational tool for districts to track their progress toward closing gaps in student achievement, opportunities, and supports. Through the lens of equity, the tool analyzes a continuum of district-level data points, already collected and reported to ISBE, to make that data more useful for improving outcomes for all students.


The steps along the continuum represent the measurement of equity in students' access to opportunities, practices policies, and programming, as represented by the district-level.


  • Step 1. Large Gaps
  • Step 2. Moderate Gaps
  • Step 3. Small Gaps
  • Step 4. Minimal Gaps

State Goals:

  1. Student Learning - Step1. Large Gaps and Step 2. Moderate Gaps
  2. Learning Conditions - Step 2. Moderate Gaps and Step 3. Small Gaps
  3. Elevating Educators - Step 2. Moderate Gaps and Step 3. Small Gaps