Curriculum Corner

West Harvey-Dixmoor 147 is dedicated to ensuring that all students receive a high quality education. Our Curriculum and Instruction team works to design and support relevant and standards-aligned curricula that improve all students’ outcomes by collaborating with educators, leaders, and the community.

English Language Arts

K - 2nd Grade

Heggerty provides our students with phonemic awareness. Phonemic Awareness is an essential skill to support early readers in being able to manipulate the sounds they hear in words.


K- 5th Grade  



Wonders and Maraviallas are an evidence-based K-5 ELA program that empowers students to take an active role in learning and exploration. They provide a comprehensive reading curriculum to include: phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills.


6th - 8th grade 

Collections allows students to engage in the authentic practice of 21st century skills. Collections provides our middle school students with vocabulary and reading opportunities. 


K - 8th Grade 

Writing by Design provides students with the explicit instruction needed to become an excellent writer. 


K - 5th Grade

Students will engage in handwriting instruction. Students in third through fifth grade will learn cursive. 




K - 8th Grade 

Big Ideas is designed to engage and enrich both teachers and students’ mathematical understanding with comprehensive, seamless, and cohesive math progressions from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. 

Social Studies

K - 5th grade 

With IMPACT Social Studies for grades K–5, students will gain building blocks for critical thinking, develop a strong reading and writing foundation, and learn what it means to be responsible, active citizens. 


6th - 8th grade 

American Stories is a streamlined, powerful narrative that explores the dilemmas, choices and decisions made by the American people, as well as by their leaders, that helped shape America.


 K-5th Grade 

Developed specifically for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), National Geographic Exploring Science covers 100% of the NGSS for Grades K-5 to ensure students are mastering the Performance Expectations. 


6th - 8th grade 

 STEMscopes Science™ NGSS 3D integrates dynamic content and real-world connections to empower both students and teachers.


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